The 2006 Blogathon

Posted on August 24, 2006 at 05:49 AM

I have been kicking around the crazy idea of holding a blogathon on for the past 6 months or so. It's something I've wanted to at least try once, you know, just to see if I could do it. Plus it would be nice to use my blogging powers for good, as blogathons are usually held to garner donations for a specific charity. And let me tell you, the Head of my Culinary Arts Department (who is concerned enough already with the amount of time I spend on the computer) is oh-so thrilled that I have now chosen to spend an entire 24 hour period blogging.

"So what exactly is this "blogathon" thing you speak of?"

For those who may not be familiar with what a blogathon is, let me explain...

The term blogathon is a portmanteau word which is a combination of the words blog and marathon. Back in 2001, Cat Connor held the first ever blogathon on her personal website, and due to the overwhelming success of that first event, she created the website and decided to make it an annual event. Blogathon 2006 took place on July 29th, in which 283 blogs participated and raised over $104,000 for various charities.

So what takes place during a blogathon?

Actually a blogathon is an event where for 24 hours straight I will be posting on this blog twice an hour (a total of 48 posts in one day). Blogathon's are usually held to support a charity of the bloggers choosing, where the blogger asks his/her readers to sponsor them by pledging a dollar amount for each post. At the end of the blogathon, all proceeds generated will be donated to the charity and then the blogger sleeps for an undetermined amount of time.

So why didn't I hold my blogathon with the others back on July 29th?

Good question. Basically it was a timing issue. To pull this thing off, I wanted to make sure I got my ducks in a row in order to make sure the blogathon would be as successful as humanly possible. Plus I thought if I held my blogathon on a date separate from the worldwide blogathon I would eliminate the issue of having to compete with 283 other blogathons that day.

Do you think you can really post 48 times in 24 hours?

This will be a daunting task. Loyal readers will remember I made a statement about a year ago in which I was going to post 30 times in 30 days. I didn't quite reach that mark but since this is for charity I am uber motivated to make it work.

So what charity are you blogging for?

I am still working out a few details so I am not going to make that announcement as of yet. Once those logistical details are resolved I will announce it here on I can tell you though that I have been in contact with the charity and that they are very excited to be apart of the blogathon.

Alright, so when is 2006 blogathon going to be held?

On Saturday, September 30th I will commence my first annual blogathon at 8am (central standard time). It should be a great event so mark it on your calendars, blog about it, post a myspace bulletin, or whatever it is you crazy kids do these days.

The success of the blogathon will depend on getting the word out to as many people as possible. So any help you can lend will definitely be appreciated.

For now I've created a blogathon page that is just a placeholder with general information until I finalize all the details. Check it out later next week and I should have more detailed information listed.

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Great idea Joe.
We will tell as many people as possible.
Mom and Dad

Posted by: Mom | August 25, 2006 09:07 AM

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