Brightmix Releases at Barcamp Omaha

Posted on August 16, 2008 at 02:30 PM

After months of secrecy and posting scant details on their project blog, Dusty Davidson and his band of interns from Omaha software development company Brightmix, release, their web app aimed at improving the way Omahans find local news.

This project spawned from the need to have a news source that aggregates everything happening in Omaha without subjecting a user to seizure inducing page layouts, pop-up ads, and ridiculous peel down advertising (*cough* *cough*).

Here is a pic of Dusty presenting

What is

The site will scrape all Omaha news sites and aggregate the information in one convenient, well designed place. Users can setup profiles with custom RSS feeds that will deliver the news from the sources they specify. Users will also be able to search for local news via and find archived stories that one might not be able to normally find (i.e. only allowing search on their site from the last 7 days of news). Think Google News but custom tailored to the exact needs of people looking for Omaha based news.

This blog is looking forward to checking out and will post a more in depth review in the near future.

Congratulations to Dusty, Kevin and the rest of the team at Brightmix.

Editor Note: As of this writing isn't live yet, might be due to DNS issues, but the site should be live soon. is now live. Note that the service is still in private beta in which you'll need an invite code to use the site. Dusty handed out a bunch of beta codes after his presentation of which I grabbed a few and will be willing to send out some codes once the site is active.

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