Three products you won't see released at today's special Apple event

Posted on February 28, 2006 at 02:46 AM

Last week Apple sent out invites to those in the media for a special event tomorrow today (it was tomorrow when I started this post) which will showcase a few of their new products. This event will be a little different than previous announcements as it will be hosted at Apple's Headquarters (starting at 10am Pacific) and not the Moscone center in San Francisco. Though, rest assured, the Steve Jobs reality distortion field will be retrofitted for the confines of whatever gather placing this event is held in at the Apple Mothership.

Now, there has always been rampant speculation about any future products to be released by Apple. And while some rumors tend to prove true, others are mostly the product of wild imagination and/or sweet photoshop skills. Though, entertaining nonetheless.

I thought I would throw in my $.02 and give you a list of products that will not be released at today's Apple event:

Fullscreen video ipod

This has been a topic of great debate on the interwebs for the past few weeks, even more so when this picture of a purported prototype of a full screen iPod appeared on various websites:

Realistic enough to fool most people, it soon proved to be a hoax as a video was posted over the weekend which displayed in great detail how the fake fullscreen iPod image was created (link to quicktime mov).

Mac OS 10.5 "Liger"

For those who may not be in the know (at least 95% of you according to Microsoft) updates to Apple's famed Macintosh X operating system have been named after members of the cat family. For instance, OS 10.2 was Jaguar, OS 10.3 was Panther, and OS 10.4 is named Tiger. While OS 10.5 won't be released today, I assume it will rear it's head sometime this year. I can only hope that Steve Jobs picks the greatest member of the cat family to adorn the next release of the Mac operating system, the Liger.

The Apple iPhone

Sure there's been the Motorola ROKR and the new SLVR but neither of these phones were designed by Apple. Hell, the only things these two phones really have to do with Apple is that they run iTunes. I, like many other Apple pundits, assume that there will one day be some kind of Apple designed phone capable of holding thousands of songs, allow you to surf the web, and will integrate with your cheesy .Mac account. But alas, it won't be today.

So what will Apple announce today?

What you will see is an announcement that Apple will make full length movies available for purchase via the iTunes Music store. And probably some iPod related gadgets, most notably some kind of ipod boom box device, but doubtfully hopefully, no new iPods.

update: 11:49am CST - The Apple Store is currently offline, most likely waiting for the event to finish so they can post their new wares. The thought of thousands of geeks rabidly hitting refresh on their browsers just so they can get a glimpse makes this blog chuckle.

For those of you that need your Apple fix now, head over to Engadget where they are providing live coverage of the event. (for as long as their servers hold up)

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Actually, 10.5 has already been codenamed leopard. The only thing i'm really looking for it the Media Center Mac Mini, but it's doubtful that that would come out today. I'm mostly looking for iPod related devices to come out.

Posted by: BM7150 | February 28, 2006 10:15 AM

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