The sledgehammer keyboard: a new way to "type"

Posted on October 04, 2005 at 01:12 AM

Off the top of my head I can think of a few reasons why having a sledgehammer keyboard would be beneficial. For instance:

  • It would definitely be a fantastic upper body workout.

  • A great way to relieve stress. Watch your tension and stress melt away as you "pound out" a flame mail.

  • Make co-workers think twice about approaching you with stupid questions (seeing that your have a large rubber mallet in your hand).

It's interesting to note that in the video of the sledgehammer keyboard in action they only show people using it with one hammer. In my opinion, using two hammers simultaneously would not only increase your productivity but balance the workout across both arms. Not to mention that using only one hammer for an extended period of time would produce an arm of Popeye-like proportions.

I would create my own sledgehammer keyboard, but trying to use it could prove to be somewhat difficult. I'm guessing that the noise generated by me pounding out 1000 word blog posts at 1am might be a nuisance to those trying to sleep here at the world headquarters.

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