Sending Emails into the Future

Posted on September 29, 2005 at 01:03 AM

FutureMe is a free service that lets you send an email to someone on a future date that you specify. This is a great way for anyone who wants to be reminded of things happening in the future via email. You could use FutureMe for sending yourself reminders of up coming events a day or two before it happens, or send an email greeting to that friend whose birthday you always seem to forget months before their actual birth date.

But what if the person I send a future message to changes their email address?

Easy, FutureMe lets you create an account for all the future emails you send out. This account logs all the future emails you send and allows you to modify the addressee email address in case it changes. So in my case, if Google goes out of business in the next 30 years I can easily go into my FutureMe account and enter my new email address.

To test this, I wanted to send an email to myself on my 100th birthday. Basically, a simple message to remind me to change my diaper, brag about how nice it was to be able to control my bladder, and to congratulate myself on the 5,000th post to this blog. However, since the service only allows you to send an email 30 years into the future I had to settle on sending myself an email for my 60th birthday. Be sure to check back in 30 years to see the wisdom I shared with my future self.

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