Need a temporary email address? Just DodgeIt?

Posted on September 02, 2005 at 12:18 AM

Junk email addresses are the P.O. boxes of the online world. It's a place where you have people send you stuff without actually telling them too much about your actual location, or in this case your personal email account. Which is probably one reason why free email services like Hotmail exist. They give you the freedom to create as many email accounts as you need to use for whatever reason. But how many email addresses and corresponding passwords can one person remember?

Case in point, lets say you want to signup for a newsletter, a website, or a certain program in which they always want you to enter your email address so they can send you some super secret code. But during the signup process you're creeped out by the amount of personal info they require you to fill out. You know, stuff like your salary, age, race, whether you wear boxers or briefs, mother's maiden name, etc... Of course this all being under the guise that they promise to never ever ever ever ever ever sell your info or use it for evil purposes. Yeah, right.

DodgeIt is the answer to your anonymous email blues. What this does is allow you to create a disposable email account, so the next time you want to sign up for something on the web, but don't want them hounding you with newsletter spam or selling your info to third parties, just use a disposable DodgeIt email address.

The process is simple.

To create a disposable dodgeit email address, pick any name (ex. snuffleupagus) and add it to Use this email address the next time you have to fill out a registration form. When you want to retrieve your email, go to DodgeIt, enter the name you selected and click check mail. Your email will be waiting.

DodgeIt also allows you to check this disposable email account via an RSS feed which will deliver your email right to your news aggregator. The only drawback is that this service is for receiving email only, so you won't be able to reply using this disposable email account. And remember all email is deleted after 7 days, so if you get something you want to keep be sure to save it to your computer.

Happy dodging!

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