Gadget of the week: The PivotDock

Posted on August 30, 2005 at 01:07 AM

For regular readers of this blog, you know what a sham my "Gadget of the Week" section of this site has been. I'm not saying the gadgets haven't been worthy of mention, it's the just that I haven't been too diligent about posting one every week. But today I saw something so extraordinary it moved me to update this section of my blog. Now, I could promise in the future to be more devoted to updating the Gadget of the week, but we all know how empty and fruitless this blog's promises can sometime be. I'm thinking about changing the title from "Gadget of the Week" to "Gadget of Whatever Timeframe I Damn Well Feel Like". Has a certain ring to it doesn't it?

With that said, on with the show.

The PivotDock is a USB dock for your iPod shuffle. It has the ability to swivel 180 degrees in order to prevent you from accidently bumping into the shuffle and damaging it. This is one gadget for the shuffle which truly has promise, as I am always leery of accidently hitting the shuffle as it protrudes outward from the computer when charging or synching. I should also mention it's both Mac and PC compatible. Buy before September 9th and you can get the PivotDock for only $9.99. A total bargain.

Side note: Major props to the SwitchEasy people for resisting the urge to be like the rest of the lame iPod accessory manufacturers and not naming this the iPivot, the iDock, the iUSBShuffleDock, or anything else starting with a lowercase i. This blog salutes you for your non-conformist zeal.

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