Happy Cinco de July (Julio)

Posted on July 05, 2005 at 01:09 AM

The Fifth of July, or for my Spanish speaking friends Cinco de Julio, is not a well known holiday to most. In general, most people are probably unaware of it's existence, but it is a day where pyromaniacs everywhere come together to regale in their past 4th of July glory. Or for others, they may simply stop to count their fingers.

After lighting enough fireworks to level a small island nation, one must give thanks if he/she is still in possession of all their digits. Or, for those of you who may have started the 4th of July down a digit or two, you can be proud that you still have the same number of digits in which you started your festivities.

It is easy to spot a person who honors this holiday by observing their response to the question, "How was your 4th?" Their reply will not be with words, but most likely by holding up both hands to show that they're still intact.

After the tallying of the digits, Cinco de July is usually spent gathering up exhausted artillery shell cartridges, admiring the permanent stains on your cement from smoke balls, cleaning up various card board remnants of firecrackers, or picking up bottle rocket sticks out of the neighbors yard.

Until next year, mi amigos.

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