Every Apple commercial ever made

Posted on February 03, 2005 at 01:08 AM

Over the weekend I came across a bitTorrent link to every Apple commercial ever made. (via beyondtheobvious.org)

The file is a whopping 778MB zip file comprised of 165 mov files.

It's amazing to see how Apple has evolved over the last 20+ years. From 1984 to Will Ferrell as S. Claus (Hilarity will ensue).

If you have bitTorrent, click on the link here. Save the file to your desktop, then open it with bitTorrent. My advice to you would be to start this at night and let it run. The weird thing I found is that it took about 30 minutes for my bitTorrent to find a peer to begin downloading, but once it did the download took about 30 minutes (Your experience may vary, I have a broadband cable connection, do not attempt with dialup).

For those of you wondering what bitTorrent is I give you this, a link to everything you wanted to know about bitTorrent but were afraid to ask. You gotta love the wiki.


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