My Top 10 Excuses For Not Blogging

Posted on April 25, 2007 at 03:36 AM

For those of you who are avid readers of this blog (re: all 3 of you), you may have noticed that I haven't published a new post in a while. Blogging, much like pimping, ain't easy, and at times you run into a thing we in the blogging business refer to as Procrastinitis Infinitum, otherwise known as blogger's block. So instead of boring you with the details of why I haven't posted in the last 4 months, I give you the following:

1. My FTP server went on strike demanding more pay and better benefits. Al Sharpton was called in to negotiate on it's behalf. Now it gets 25% more money, Thursdays and Fridays off, and I can no longer refer to it as an FTP server but an FTP Facilitator.

2. My dog ate all my bandwidth.

3. I was on a self-imposed blogging boycott until Sanjaya got kicked off American Idol 1

4. We finally got Tivo. Need I say more?

5. I forgot the login password to this blog. I thought it was ******** but actually it was ********. Duh.

6. Al Gore called. He wanted his Internet back. How inconvenient.

7. My RSS feed was cannibalizing itself.

8. My GTD just got up and left.

9. My Internet tubes were full of delicious spam.

10. The new staff addition here at requires a bit more "managing" than initially thought. More on that topic to follow.

1. For the record, this blog does not watch American Idol. Though we felt we must jump on the Sanjaya bashing bandwagon for no other reason than he cries too much. #

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does that make me number 4 then?

Posted by: michelle | July 6, 2007 10:20 PM

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