Where are my "I park like an idiot" stickers when I need one?

Posted on September 26, 2006 at 02:21 AM

Posted from the day late and a dollar short dept. here at JoeSchmidt.com

Back in August I was all prepared to post about our trip to the Nebraska State Fair (or the Nebraska State Poor as I like to call it) and tell you what an absolute abomination it was. But I just didn't have the energy to do it, because quite frankly, it was too easy of a target.

I could have went on for pages about how the facilities were in shambles, the carnies for the most part were toothless, and the ride prices were astronomically high. Not to mention that this blog has a definite aversion for any place where the majority of the food is served on a stick by people whose number of teeth in their cake hole are equal to the amount of digits on their hands. So I will leave it at that, thus saving you from my vitriolic rant.

But the most disappointing part of the whole trip was not the aforementioned points, but the fact that we stumbled across this sight and found myself totally unprepared:

This was the first time I have witnessed a parking job so horrible it actually warranted the use of an "I park like an idiot" sticker. I can't believe I dropped the ball, the shame, the shame of it all.

So in this age of wondrous technological advancements I will attempt to reconcile my short sidedness by photo shopping the image, thus retaining some sort of diginity on my part:

There. Much better.

My apologies dear readers, it will never happen again.

Update: I forgot to mention THE number one reason why I loathe the Nebraska State Fair. The SMELL. You see, the state fairgrounds are located just a stones throw away from a major waste water treatment facility in Lincoln. So when the wind is blowing juuuuust right, you senses become overwhelmed with the sweet aroma stench of human waste.

Just imagine having a belly full of funnel cake and riding on the tilt-o-wirl when all of a sudden it smells like you're riding with a rotting corpse. Yeah, it's that bad.

Lovely. Just lovely.

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