Sponsor Love: Thanks to Cory Reinert at Insight.com

Posted on September 30, 2006 at 11:39 AM

I can't go any further without publicly thanking my friend Cory Reinert at Insight.com for donating the iPod Nano for today's event.

I searched far and wide for sponsors to donate items for todays drawing. I emailed people at various companies asking them if they would consider donating something. In an act of desparation I even sent an email to Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple) himself asking for help, but no response (though I am not suprised). Cory was the only person willing to help. The OI Foundation and myself give him our heart felt thanks.

Cory is a Strategic Account Executive (read: sales rep) at Insight.com and has 15 years experience selling I.T. equipment. By day, this blog is an IT guy at an architecture firm here in Omaha and I use Cory and Insight.com for all my computer and IT related purchases. Cory's team at Insight.com is very knowledgeable and can offer assistance in virtually every aspect of IT. Whether you need to buy something small, (ethernet cables, usb thumb drivers, or toner), or something large (new office computers, servers, or a $250,000 fiber channel SAN), Cory is your man. Just tell him you know me, JoeSchmidt.com, and he will give you a great deal. He will save you money!

So whether you need to buy a computer for your home, or need to find a great sales rep to buy IT equipment for your business, please consider Cory and the services he provides. Even if you aren't in the market to buy anything, drop him a note of thanks for helping us out with the blogathon.

You can reach Cory via email at creinert@insight.com or give him a call at 1-800-859-5808.

Thanks again Cory, we really appreciate it.

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