Blogathon for OI Donation Update 2

Posted on September 30, 2006 at 03:37 PM

You people are awesome! As of this writing we have generated $385 so far for the OI Foundation. But we are still along way from the $1000 goal. So tell your friends, your friends' friends, or anyone with a pulse to come on over to and donate to the OI Foundation. Who knows, you could win the Silver 4GB iPod Nano.

A little while ago I added the "donation thermometer" on the right sidebar to track our progress. This doesn't update in real-time so I have to manually update when I get a chance. To see what the current donation amount is click on the thermometer to go to the OI Foundation blogathon page. There you will find the official donation thermomter which DOES update real-time as the money flows in.

Thanks again to all who have donated thus far.

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