Happy Pi Day

Posted on March 14, 2006 at 01:59 PM

March 14th is known mostly to math enthusiasts (read: geeks) as Pi day. Mostly because if you write out today's date, 3.14, you will see the first 3 digits of Pi. Die hard geeks honor the day by getting up at 1:59am and 26 seconds (3.1415926) to celebrate. Others may celebrate at 1:59pm, but true geeks will note that 1:59pm in military time is actually 13:59pm. The other acceptable time to celebrate Pi day would be 3:09pm or 15:09 (3.14159, I guess they ignore that zero in there).

I found this snippet on Wikipedia's listing for Pi day somewhat amusing:

The "ultimate" pi moment occurred on March 14, 1592, at 6:53 AM and 58 seconds. When written in American-style date format, this is 3/14/1592 6:53.58, which corresponds to the value of pi to twelve digits: 3.14159265358. However, considering this was well before any kind of standardized world time had been established, and the general public had no concept of pi, the occurrence likely went unnoticed.

Really? No... You think? Though, if you could remember this date and time you would know Pi to 12 digits.

How to celebrate Pi day?

To celebrate you could eat a piece of Pie, watch the movie Pi or see if you can find your telephone number within the digits of Pi.

Here's how I celebrated:

Also of note, today would have been Albert Einstein's 127th birthday.

Happy &pi day!

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Here is a nifty step-by-step article about How To Celebrate Pi Day. Also, the real pi day partiers always have a cool pi t-shirt to wear.

Posted by: Josh | March 14, 2006 06:29 PM

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