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Posted on October 12, 2005 at 12:58 AM is a new metasearch service that searches rss and atom feeds using a variety of popular search engines. Why spend the time performing searches on multiple sites like technorati, Google blog search, or digg when combines them all into one service. is the genesis of Chris Pirillo who created the service in order to alleviate some of the frustration involved with trying to search the internet via a mobile device. You can see how the site's simple layout allows you to efficiently find information on the internet, no matter what size of screen you use.

So how do you use Here is a snippet from the about page:

Try the search box on the main page (or at the top of any page). Notice how your keywords are separated by a dash when you look at your address bar? We do this for a reason: your keywords are infused with the site's results! You might be visiting Seattle, in need of good sushi. So, enter in your address bar or enter "seattle sushi" into the search box. Easy peasy!

You can use dashes or dots to separate your words. Dashes imply that you're searching for both of the words (together or apart), whereas a dot implies that you're searching for a term. This way, you can carry the URL with you wherever you go (or link to it) and the results will remain intact. You can even combine them, dashes and dots, in the URL. would yield results akin to: technology AND "cool stuff" (go ahead, give it a shot).

I use to search for people linking to my blog or to find the latest info on what people are talking about on the internets. Considering it was released to the public just a few days ago, it's proving to be a very handy utility !

For those of you who are into using bookmarklets, I've created a bookmarklet for you to try out. To use it, just drag the link below into your browser's bookmark menu:


To use the bookmarklet, just highlight some text on a web page and click the search bookmarklet. You'll soon find yourself swimming in search results. Another way to use it is to click on the search bookmarklet which will open a window on your screen. Now enter your query into the search box and hit ok. Simple!

note: The bookmarklet does not work in Internet Explorer 6. Although, the question should not be why doesn't it work in IE6, rather the question should be why are you still using IE6? Please consider switching to Firefox or at the very least Opera. They are much better web browsers than internet explorer (in this blog's humble opinion) and they're free.

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