Posted on June 02, 2005 at 01:55 AM

I must confess that ever since I started this blog I have become somewhat of a stats whore. Periodically throughout the day I will check the traffic stats of this blog to see how many people have visited, how they got here, or what search terms they used to find my blog. It's quite fascinating really. And after reading Min Jung Kim's Lifecycle of Bloggers I can relate somewhat with step 3, which is where I currently stand in my blog lifecycle. Sure there's been subtle traces of steps 4, 7, 9 in the evolution of this blog, but with only 4 months into it, the verdict is still out.

So after looking through my May stats, I found one search query in particular that has me baffled. Teletubbies. 23 people last month found this blog by searching for the term teletubbies. I have used every major search engine known to man looking for this blog in the results for the search query teletubbies. I have even taken the time to search 20 pages deep in Google and still haven't found one result linking to my site. I know it's within the realm of possibilities to find teletubbies within this blog's content. I mentioned teletubbies in my post about April Fool's computer pranks in which I linked to an image of those vile beasts.

So if you've stumbled upon this blog looking for teletubbies, please do me a favor and leave a comment stating how you got here, and why on God's green earth are you looking for teletubbies.

Thus far, only two days into June, I've had 3 people find this blog looking for teletubbies. The only comment I can muster at this point is damn you Tinky Winky, damn you.

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