Shake it like a Polaroid

Posted on June 22, 2005 at 01:02 AM

There's just something nostalgic I find about Polaroid pictures. It harkens back to a time where having a snapshot in your hands just minutes after the moment happened was a feat to behold. So the pictures weren't up to the standards of today's modern digital photography. Who cares! It was an easy way for millions of people to create instant memories without the hassle of developing costly film. (Besides, who really needed all those doubles anyway?)

So how can you recreate that old school feel without having to go out and buy a Polaroid camera? The polaroid-o-nizer lets you create authentic looking Polaroids out of pictures you find on the internet. Just enter the web address of a picture you've found, select a rotation angle, add a few remarks, and Polaroid-o-nize!

For the tech savvy amongst us, you can also adjust the background color by entering an RGB color (Here's a good Hex to RGB converter) and define the area of the picture by giving the polaroid-o-nizer a few coordinates.

Here are a few examples I created:

Polaroid Pedro

It's summertime!

A memo to all you Polaroid camera wielding hipsters out there, stop shaking your Polaroids.

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